Generative Pattern Poster Exercise

Due February 28, 2017 Tuesday 

  • Create a generative pattern using processing with two variables, two for loops.
  • Do as many iterations as possible testing out various ideas and functions that you may check out from the references on this link:
  • The size of this sketch may be, in pixels, 1200 x 1200 or higher depending on your screen resolution.
  • When you think you had enough experimentations and iterations, using the below PDF library render your sketch into a PDF file:
  • Open your PDF file with Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, copying the code from your processing console, design a poster 12″x12″ juxtaposing the code with the image that you created.
  • Save it as a new PDF.

Before you start this preliminary exercise, you can explore many great projects with this kind of methodology:

and if you are not feeling comfortable with the exercises that we did in class please follow the below links and go through the tutorials:

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