Video Mapping

In this second project of the Spring semester here are some resources for inspiration:

Pablo Valbuena

3-4 years ago:


inside out:

some commercial ones:

with student budget:

an interactive example

last year at mason gross:

Screenings: Type in Motion

Here are some more references for the type in motion chapter:

PLease download and take look at these:

and these are the online ones:

Zidane: A Twentyfirst Century Profile
Douglass Gordon
first 4 minutes.

Jenny Holzer

Neil Donnelly

SIX FEET UNDER by dkitchen

A selection from:

Enter the Void Long Version

and some more:
sooo 90′s
animated type
cute and mixed technic
3D stuff
on Bitcoin
typical urban and festival thing

In-class exercise: Glassworks

Glassworks is a chamber music work of six movements by Philip Glass. It is regarded as being a characteristically Glass-like work. Following his larger-scale concert and stage works, Glassworks was Philip Glass’s successful attempt to create a more pop-oriented “Walkman-suitable” work, with considerably shorter and more accessible pieces written for the recording studio. The studio album was released in 1982.

Glassworks was intended to introduce my music to a more general audience than had been familiar with it up to then.

—Philip Glass

Please download the following .zip file and find your partition. You will be working on your 30 second piece, animate a white circle on a black background. You can use:

- keyframes
- layers
- cameras
- lighting effects
- pre-compositions


due second week: write an haiku

Write an Haiku on any subject matter, it might go as abstract as it make sense to yourself. Please post your poem on your site, this might be your first entry. Also consider including some introductory information such as a bio or links etc. on your website.

Some of the more common practices in English include:

  • use of three lines of up to 17 syllables, traditionally in “5–7–5″ form.
  • allusion to nature or the seasons.
  • use of a caesura or kire represented by punctuation, space, a line-break, or a grammatical break to compare two images implicitly.

In poetry, a stanza is a grouped set of lines within a poem, usually set off from other stanzas by a blank line or different indentation. Your Haiku should contain 6-8 stanzas. This will be your content to animate in 60-90 sec.s.

These are the basic rules but please feel free to expand research on techniques of Haiku and use them.

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