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due second week: write an haiku

Write an Haiku on any subject matter, it might go as abstract as it make sense to yourself. Please post your poem on your site, this might be your first entry. Also consider including some introductory information such as a bio or links etc. on your website.

Some of the more common practices in English include:

  • use of three lines of up to 17 syllables, traditionally in “5–7–5″ form.
  • allusion to nature or the seasons.
  • use of a caesura or kire represented by punctuation, space, a line-break, or a grammatical break to compare two images implicitly.

In poetry, a stanza is a grouped set of lines within a poem, usually set off from other stanzas by a blank line or different indentation. Your Haiku should contain 6-8 stanzas. This will be your content to animate in 60-90 sec.s.

These are the basic rules but please feel free to expand research on techniques of Haiku and use them.