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Basic Arduino tutorials

Please go through the following tutorials, the materials provided by now is sufficient to do these, you can always use a bare jumper wire instead of a resistor.

Also consider going to a Radio Shack and look around for some potentiometers, buttons, sensors etc. You can get some simple 8 ohm speakers to play around. With these small bit and pieces of components you can go through some more of the tutorials on the Arduino or the Ada site.

Sensors and electronics

You can take a look at these two links for the sensor and some simple electronics that you might need for your project apart from the main board and supplied peripheral material.


Read the comments discussions under each sensor carefully and let me know if you have questions.

When you decide to ship something it is most likely that you might also find it on amazon if it is more practical for you.

Design an organism that lives in the browser screen.

Design this organism within a consistent scenario that includes its relationship to its environment and reactions to inputs of the user. User (or observer) can both provoke a behaviour or transform its habitat.

Pictorial quality or more abstract representation of this organism is up to you. Both fine as long as it is consistent with the overall scenario.

Refer to tutorials on the previous posts for various input options and programming samples.

Examples and Tutorials for Coding Motion and Interaction

To watch:
Process Compendium
Object Oriented
Object Oriented II

To try:
Mouse Functions

and also

Krzysztof Wodiczko

Krzysztof Wodiczko is the living history of instrumental interventions in public space.

War, conflict, trauma, memory, and communication in the public sphere are some of the major themes of an oeuvre that spans four decades. His practice, known as Interrogative Design, combines art and technology as a critical design practice in order to highlight marginal social communities and add legitimacy to cultural issues that are often given little design attention.

Let me know if you are interested in taking a look into his book.