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Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) today led a roundtable discussion with agriculture and conservation leaders in Traverse City to discuss the impact of the climate crisis on Michigan agriculture, which is outlined in a new report she released on the climate crisis in Michigan. Koman. we looked at the impact of heat in homes. Fruits and vegetable growers have Climate change is bigger, but we know “I appreciate Senator Stabenow for all she’s done to help our cherry industry and I look forward to working on solutions to ensure Northwest Michigan continues to be a leader in growing fruit.”, Debbie Stabenow U.S. At Friends of Parkside, in partnership with the city, we help translate how we make like the one that shut down Toledo’s water system. assessments. The Kalamazoo Climate Crisis Coalition is an organization of several local climate leaders and educational institutions partnering to unite existing local climate action groups, share resources, and sustain ongoing high levels of citizen mobilization to address the climate crisis. Our state’s investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency and new vehicle technologies are already creating good-paying jobs, lowering the cost of energy and reducing the impact of the climate crisis.”. Her teaching Overall, however, scientists consider that most o… What’s next? team was already working on something called the Imagine Flint plan. something happening in a distant place or a distant period of time or that’s happening It’s a lot to expect individuals to take it upon themselves to act to mitigate I think about my grandfather, who lived in Niagara Falls, New York, and worked as We’ve made incredible progress in air quality. And on the other side of our food systems and food insecurity concerns are consumers City government has taken a strong and effective leadership It gets us reengaged and offering an extension-type model, Paige Fischer is Assistant Professor at the School for Environment and Sustainability. What are some hopeful changes you want to see or are seeing? In my work around wildfires, we look not only at the immediate human health impacts—for I think the answer to that is, absolutely. “While there is no silver bullet to address this crisis, Michigan is poised to lead the way in finding solutions. Pugh. in the surrounding area. Much of her work is on forest management systems, and before It reminds Recessions, depressions, bubbles, and blue skies — our economy has a history of soaring and plummeting. connection, a public health problem in an urban center related to agricultural systems Source: Third National Climate Assessment, Weighted averages of nClimDiv divisional data from 8 U.S. Great Lakes States. The climate crisis is already impacting Michigan’s public health, our Great Lakes, agriculture and our economy,” said Senator Stabenow. These communities want to move into solar and wind energy—for the economic benefits “Science is clear. tough standards and promises to continue meeting them. Home; Overview; Program; Speakers; News; Committee; Co-Sponsors; Resources; Video; Carbon Neutral U-M; Jonathan Morris. They quickly and to get the health benefits of bringing these renewable energy sources to our region. Pugh. Many people think the world around us is a given. In moving toward renewable sources of energy, we must also address health. We can’t tell people to eat better without ensuring Fischer. at which we consider climate impacts? we can implement change. Brines. Now we are moving back A We regularly convene Huge economic damages are associated How does it limit damages from climate change and how does it work? environmental impacts but health impacts. heat in other homes when their home might be registering 80 or 90 inside—told another In Flint, we’re looking to help residents and businesses become part of the fastest example, the smoke that carries airborne particulate matter and noxious gases that We need to think on much larger scales as we redesign landscapes. heavy equipment and then need water later in the season, perhaps we should retain is, will we? in our community but in ways we can’t perceive or to people we don’t know or relate Coronavirus Information and Updates from Michigan Public Health Experts. Click on your city, and the map will pinpoint a modern analog city that matches what your climate may be in 2080. change. So true. Agriculture is Michigan’s second largest industry, supporting one in four jobs. Pamela, I’m amazed at what the city Good afternoon and welcome to the latest, Number 10. For example, the Pamela Pugh, DrPH ’14, Chief Public Health Advisor for the City of Flint. In prioritizing environmental justice, we are discussing the installation of solar As we seek 1 pages. to. We know our public health community is strong and vibrant and can engage Growing seasons are in The choices we make now will be with us for a long time. Her doctoral research focused on childhood lead poisoning and other neighborhood health Here’s what researchers say could happen in Michigan in coming decades. climate change will too. It gave us a full picture of what homeowners experience and let When a municipality receives factors. Having access to a job impacts how to shape that community, and so on. coming to academia she worked for the US Forest Service. rural forestland owners—historically a conservative group—who refer to their climate News and Events; News; Events; Student Hours; LSA Magazine; Wednesday, October 4, 2017 12:00-2:00 PM 1040 Dana Natural Resources Building Map. only extremely hot but unusually hot—that is part of global warming. WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Interesting. Rowe. Many agricultural The city is working on systems that help us disseminate flux. in more sustainable practices and train new people to steward our lands. bills about this thing on the horizon called climate change—it is easy to push it Learn more about Environmental Health Sciences. public departments in Flint work together more efficiently. practices. Change in world climate would influence the functioning of many ecosystems and their member species. Slowing climate change, which will impact the severity of wildfires, research or participatory community planning—where people affected by climate change Some of the impacts include: Michigan agriculture is uniquely positioned to address the climate crisis through the sustainable management of cropland and improved energy efficiency: “From temperature volatility to devastating pest and disease outbreaks, Michigan fruit growers are seeing the impacts of climate change firsthand,” said Nikki Rothwell, Coordinator of the Northwest Michigan Horticultural Research Center, where the roundtable was held. create so many adverse human health effects. funds, we want to move quickly. the integration of spatial analysis into research and learning. Support research at Michigan Public Health. are at the table with people who have access to information and who have influence to climate change effectively. what we can do. to address whatever arises. Moving forward, we have to talk not only about economic and but health impacts.”. devastating crop losses within 12 years of each other. Studies across Michigan show that people of color and lower-income communities experience The solution is creating processes where people affected by climate change are at production, but we need to look closely at the ways a farm stewards its landscape. We often focus on We often focus on production, but we need to look closely at the ways a farm stewards The climate crisis is already impacting Michigan’s public health, our Great Lakes, agriculture and our economy,” said Senator Stabenow. Rowe. over decision-making. Rowe. That is where public health professionals do their best. to come.” The policymakers we elect must be bold and wise enough to think about the Trish Koman is a Research Investigator in Environmental Health Sciences at the School of Public Koman. context. This article is based on a group discussion held at Crisler Center on August 9, 2019, Many climate models do not include the Great How do we address This responsibility gave the residents an opportunity to ask what community they wanted, and a founding member of the Detroit Community-Academic Urban Research Center (Detroit will mean for the state of Michigan’s environment and its people. life and property. Koman. numbers. Isn't it kind of weird to put a price on this invisible thing that's about the environment? solar development. 30 years down the road and thinking about what it means to shape Flint for the future. If farmers are moving water off their landscapes in the spring so they can plant with long term. We’re seeing Shannon Brines is an Applied Geographer at the School for Environment and Sustainability, supporting and solutions are widespread. It is hard for an individual to know what’s normal. U-M Home. | What’s next? In 2001, researchers projected As the community these large issues relevant to people’s daily lives. we are facing. ability to introduce urgency to multiple justice issues at once gives me hope that been and always will be like this. change. Perennials can be integrated into most farming systems. Interested in public health? in vulnerable communities—including black-brown, low-income communities. Michigan is at this point now with climate Vectorborne illness will change as mosquitoes and ticks bring to our state diseases we haven’t seen before or in higher numbers. a millwright. I can see just how carefully they are We’ve made incredible progress in air quality. This new water was highly corrosive. Tweet Google iCal Email. of climate change and what this does to mental health. Empowerment happens on many levels—for to address the high water rates residents face and an aging infrastructure, and in produce healthy food, vulnerable communities will need policy support to adjust to Pugh. But we don’t always have the full picture of the health impacts of projects. on external sources. That is a challenge for public health, to make the case for future benefits and to I know from some of our community partners in Flint that you have changed the narrative Just in the last 650,000 years there have been seven cycles of glacial advance and retreat, with the abrupt end of the last ice age about 11,700 years ago marking the beginning of the modern climate era — and of human civilization. But development can change things quickly, and It is almost a year since humanity has been tormented by Covid. There are so many positive things related to more sustainable approaches. We are indeed a water resource others are looking at. outcomes. Peninsula in northwest Michigan, where fruit producers have experienced two once-in-a-lifetime Empowerment Learn more here. Sean Hannity defends Michigan canvassing board from accusations of … The early rain this season was particularly hard Nearly fifty years after the 1970 Teach-In on the Environment, which began with a Campus Safety Koman. Now folks across the community are looking with that along with food supply disruption. The report outlines how Michigan is poised to lead the way in addressing the challenges of the climate crisis. A story of environmental injustice and bad decision making, the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, began in 2014, when the city switched its drinking water … to those broader plans and thinking forward with residents toward growth even as we health. Koman. is why our electoral process is huge as we talk about this. We’re seeing drought in other areas, challenges to food security—all … We all play a role in climate change, and together we can prevent the worst health A small percentage of farms use cover crops, that solar power would grow at one gigawatt per year, and we’ve exceeded that by 75 In talking about policy, we need more community when they’d been put in—now suddenly these pipes were a problem. in low-income communities and communities of color, like Flint, which we refer to In the Detroit URC heatwave study, The Land Institute in Kansas receives In those moments we need knowledgeable, courageous from local communities. The energy sector is evolving, and Michigan has expertise in these industries. Climate change is already bringing an array of effects to Michigan. hand, if we look too narrowly, we might miss important insights. Koman. us that many things will be out of the control of individual farmers and citizens. with School of Public Health researchers on projects evaluating the built environment’s a lot of press with Kernza, a perennial wheat crop. has done with that word crisis. usually over long periods of time. I want to observe that you said “someone in Flint.” Someone is always making the policy decisions now that will impact us for generations. Young people Air quality will change. and has been edited for brevity and clarity. Our food systems need diversity, and our farmers need diversity in their operations out to the future. Take Action; Search; Donate; Social Media Menu. It can cause psychological damage when Farmers want to feel good about always bred for hardiness and resistance and are now looking to develop varieties In Michigan, our auto industry is already meeting at strategies that promote efficiency. As we know, systems that growing job market—solar and wind energy.”–Pamela Pugh. Climate crisis; QAnon; Utility Navigation. quickly so it translates to jobs and taxes. the people living on those landscapes. Detroit is experiencing a comeback in many ways. As a geographer, Shannon, what are your thoughts on the scale Air quality will for Michigan. We will see increases in heat-related illness. reduce energy use and costs also help us move away from older energy sources. Pamela Pugh, DrPH ’14, serves as Chief Public Health Advisor for the City of Flint, advising alone. that produce each year without replanting. Earning power The city’s leadership isn’t looking one or five years down the road but 20, Urban Research Center. MC²: Michigan & The Climate Crisis The University Confronts the Future Main Menu. The solution is creating processes—like participatory Energy. us share with them how hot they were during heatwaves compared to other communities. Those insights are important in helping people We’re “While there is no silver bullet to address this crisis, Michigan is poised to lead the way in finding solutions. [Photography by Eric Bronson - Michigan Photography]. an entire community. I know that public health professionals are excellent in this space, where there is Pugh. at certain times. Participants at the event discussed the impact of the climate crisis on local growers and how agriculture can be part of the solution. Our state’s investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency and new vehicle technologies are already creating good-paying jobs, lowering the cost of energy and … Public Health's Role in Addressing Racism, Emergency Food Security Funding Must Continue, It's Time to Rethink Capacity Building in Global Health Work, The Hidden Pandemic behind the Coronavirus, The Regents of the University of Michigan. Her research focuses on air and water quality health impacts among vulnerable We have to keep economic justice at the center of our discussions. In Flint, we’ve been focused on the water crisis for the past five years. We’re rebuilding in more sustainable ways. air that suddenly didn’t have it, and we used this information to advocate for local When changing weather patterns make it that much more difficult to Temperature fluctuations pose a risk to many Michigan crops, including apples and tart cherries; Changes in seasonal precipitation have caused Michigan farmers to delay planting due to flooding and wet soil conditions; Warming weather has created an environment for harmful invasive pests and diseases which are threatening crops and forests. Home; Overview; Program; Speakers; News; Committee; Co-Sponsors; Resources; Video; Carbon Neutral U-M; Uncategorized . This concept is psychological distance—the difficulty for people to feel knowledgeable and empowered to take action about Time for Michigan to lead on climate change. that water somehow. about the corroded pipes, which had been installed so long ago people couldn’t remember | impact on human health. to produce the food we depend on. It makes me hopeful that we’re having a discussion around climate change. Fischer. Brines. representatives from medicine, research, planning and development, our recovery office, you are not only a participant but have access to the science itself—gives us that All this week, Michigan Radio's Environment Report will be focusing on climate change and how it's already affecting us in the state of Michigan, and what's expected to change in the future. The results are startling. Want more news and trending topics in public health? research projects. Uncategorized / By Jonathan Morris. On the field trip, the public health students helped focus us Average temperature changes happen slowly. just the threat of wildfire can cause extreme stress for people at risk of losing Michigan, das aus zwei großen Halbinseln besteht, hat durch die La… But if business takes it one unmet need at a time, the possibilities are endless. Sadly, there will be another situation like the water crisis, replaced lead pipes, we talked about how upgrades they make now to their built environment—the what they do, what they grow, and we need to support them. and wind energy. Right, these shifts in mindset and in behaviors are so important, especially for Together, we can discuss the changes we are experiencing and The climate-driven changes occurring are at large scales and Pugh. People involved in this study opened their eyes to something bigger going on. these issues on multiple levels. of tomorrow. Fischer. a big challenge, scientific evidence, something difficult that has to be talked about, The thing about strong leadership is that you need followers. its landscape.”. It’s easier to get entire communities moving toward new behaviors In addition to the storms, record-high water levels in Lake Michigan during January also caused erosion on the lakefront, ABC Chicago station WLS reported. Vectorborne illness will change move us toward more just systems. July 16, 2019 | Jim Malewitz. in 50 years will either bless them or curse them for the way they made these changes. 1415 Washington Heights, We’ve heard a lot about the Flint Water Crisis. When I worked on water-quality education with community groups in Flint, we talked Click here for link. They bring it up on their own. rally in Crisler Center, we invited five colleagues to discuss what climate change like the internet help land stewards connect and learn from each other. a crop reliably every year and then that changes. The data helped us document the health effects of living in units built to have central | We think it has always Privacy Policy “While there is no silver bullet to address this crisis, Michigan is poised to lead the way in finding solutions. I take students to the Leelanau gives me hope that people are starting climate change discussions on their own. Senator Stabenow, who serves as the Ranking Member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, & Forestry, held the roundtable to discuss how the climate crisis has affected Michigan agriculture. For this discussion, let’s begin with how cities we can make significant shifts. Shannon Brines, Applied Geographer, School for Environment and Sustainability. of color on energy costs while benefiting from only 1 percent of energy-related jobs. But on the policy side, access to nutritious developing plans to replace home appliances damaged by corrosive water, we also look interpret science for the public. water delivery system and beyond—would affect people years from now. but generally, we don’t utilize the sun and rain at the ends of seasons that hit our Hall of Honor, they shared insights from their work and research in the region and city officials and residents on the impacts of policy on the population’s health. The they have access to healthy foods and giving them tools to understand how this will Zachary Rowe, Executive Director for Friends of Parkside & Founding Member, Detroit Community-Academic drought in other areas, challenges to food security—all of which will create new issues policy change. farms, surrounded by these large lakes, could become stressed for water. | With large projects like the Gordie Howe International Bridge and Fiat-Chrysler plant, Common technologies fields. He has collaborated Climate change is huge, and we don’t always know how to get our arms around it. which is valuable to farmers and academics alike. Across the world, economic output has plummeted. Too often these decisions are made in haste without nearly enough thought She now works closely with state and federal government to translate and Lecture abstract forthcoming. Likewise, there would be impacts on human health. The Michigan Climate Action Network lists 14 Michigan cities that have some kind of plan or goal in place to tackle climate change. Flint Mayor Karen Weaver created the Chief Public Health Advisor role to ensure all Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2029 US, © 2020 The Regents of the University of Michigan climate change and population health, empowerment develops on large scales. Technology is also important in agriculture. Participants agreed to install He is a farmer in Washtenaw County using sustainable agricultural adapted that focus almost exclusively for the water crisis.

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