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Rust Mutability, Moving and Borrowing - The Straight Dope. In C++ world every lib has its own strings/slices/... Typeclasses are just better than regular classes, AST macro system is better than textual replacement, Modular system is way better than includes. If reading multiple hundreds of pages about a language isn’t your style, then Rust By Example has you covered. Both Go and Rust elect for source code dependency management; Both languages are microservice oriented and designed for modern, parallel computing environments. The interaction of implicit conversions and overload resolution are... interesting. While not always testing as faster than Rust, Go is faster than many other languages, such as Java, C#, JavaScript, Python Me: Rust, you’re being a dick. In general, the criteria that are most easily measured are the ones that are most often talked about, even if they are less important than other, more difficult-to-measure criteria. Create alliances with other players and form a town. This also doesn't help with external code. I have recently released a new Rust library aimed at easing the task of writing asynchronous Thread-per-Core applications: Glommio.I intend to use it to power the new generation of storage intensive systems I am writing for my current employer, Datadog. Would you like cream and sugar with that? If you have a team of people working on C/C++ code you have to make sure they are all very experienced and very careful. vs C vs Clang; vs C++; vs Go. The Rust programming language has many qualities, but Rust’s greatest strength is the community of people who come together to make working in Rust a rewarding experience. Rust has the major advantage of a central package management that really works. You only need to look at the rise of languages like TypeScript or features like Python’s type hints as people have become frustrated with the current state of dynamic typing in today’s larger codebases. Again. It's hard to keep the feature creep at bay. I often see C++ folk saying "oh shit, my rust app has 100 deps just to send an http request! As for Rust and stuff like that - … Template specialization is rife with foot guns waiting to trip the unwary. Get in contact. oof. While it is conceivable that one day people will be writing the latest 3D video games in Rust — an area where high performance has historically been critical — it is unlikely ever to have a … Programmers have been using it to solve a huge variety of tasks for over 30 years now. Rust versus C++ is a rather contentious argument, so let's see a comprehensive, in-depth comparison of Rust and C++, two systems-level programming languages After that, what's a little memory corruption between friends? This function returns an int. Rust: I’ve taken ownership of your coffee. Pro. Buy and sell skins/items for games like CS:GO, DOTA2, RUST, TF2, Z1BR and more. Rust is a multi-paradigm programming language designed for performance and safety, especially safe concurrency. Go get yourself a new coffee and next time tell me if you expect me to give it back to you. It's no one's fault, really, mostly a historical accident, but it's something you pay on a daily basis. Go get yourself a new coffee and next time tell me if you expect me to give it back to you. I know neither but want to know why people are saying RUST is a better choice for WASM. I rarely write C, mostly C++, so I'll focus my answer on that aspect. No malloc(sizeof(x)) and free. Data-races? But none of this means someone didn't overfill the coffee pot and the excess in went into your mug. Being cold will kill you. [forbid(unsafe_code)] in each crate, and when reviewing code focus on higher-level problems instead of suspiciously staring at each line for UB. Starving will kill you. Pro. C++ is a mess. If only there was some sort of standard library type that could help us clarify our intent! Because you didn't defined what "coffee" and "hold" exactly means, you get flying nose dragons. Modern C++ Won't Save Us Sun, Apr 21, 2019. To do this you will need to overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst and cold. I have been using C++ professionally for nigh on 12 years now, and would consider myself fairly proficient. They may seem more-like a fair comparison to you. Fortunately for you, you can kill others and take their stuff. But I hope its not. Cross-platform. The most important reason people chose Rust is: Since Rust is statically typed, you can catch multiple errors during compile time. Corroseal is easy to apply with a one-step process of using a paintbrush or a roller. Sometimes a C or C++ dev will say "docs are low value, it's not like the compiler can run the docs to make sure the example snippits are correct." C: Don´t get it. There's so much more! You also don’t have dangling pointers or index overruns. At the same time, it was also introduced to declare Initializer Lists... so that types with a constructor taking an initializer_list as sole parameter cannot use {} except for this constructor, and must go back to using () for the others, triggering the Most Vexing Parse again. To tame C++, one must gaze into the abyss. From startups to large corporations, from embedded devices to scalable web services, Rust is a great fit. Rust’s world is harsh. Based on the result of these conditions, Rust will execute sections of specified code. In C++ you have to look at every line. Programming with Rust vs C, C++. This will probably get filtered for spam, mods please forgive me, So there I was the other day, programming some SDL2 bindings, and I wasn't sure what the API was trying to tell me. Sure here's a sizeof(void *) long number, man, Sure, here it you a null pointer, python : no need to ask, next time just use, Python: Request for memory is being interpreted, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the ProgrammerHumor community. In C/C++, you always have to hunt down the development environment the code was written for and try to get it to work, including locating, downloading and installing the dependencies manually. By the way, I'm not asking this for myself. So the economic calculation is: can you find enough seasoned C++ developers, and out-compete big, established companies when hiring them, or would you rather find a bunch of smart, but not necessarily experienced devs that are willing to learn, and maybe one seasoned developer that already knows Rust, or coming from C++/C world can get to grok it quite fast. There is also different kind of stuff like treadsafe primitives and so on, but in modern days using proven libraries you won't face it often. I’m a frequent critic of memory unsafe languages, principally C and C++, and how they induce an exceptional number of security vulnerabilities. Dedicated to humor and jokes relating to programmers and programming. The amount of time wasted because of bad libraries in other ecosystems is just ... and yeah, being forced to reinvent wheels as a consequence might be even worse. Sometimes I also have code written for an old version of Visual Studio that doesn't compile on modern versions any more. You gave me an immutable coffee so I can’t even drink it. If it's 0, is that the error case or the non-error case? That said, beginning programming in Rust is pretty hard. However, the point still exist. My conclusion, based on reviewing evidence from numerous large software projects using C and C++, is that we need to be migrating our industry to memory safe by default languages (such as Rust and Swift). Always look at the source code. Hundreds of companies around the world are using Rust in production today for fast, low-resource, cross-platform solutions. Now that so many programs are using threading, I think it'd be nice if a programming language could let you tag a type with a little CPP note as being safe to transfer to another thread. Python: Okay, here you go. Rust allows us to control the flow of our program through specific expressions that evaluate conditions. That'd hurt performance". I'm not a C (or C++) programmer either but this is the reason why Rust is my daily driver. Rust Labs is a reliable database for the video game, Rust. The general quality of code in the ecosystem. tooling. Python's syntax is very clear and readable, making it excellent for beginners. Go Vs Rust: A Comparison And universal references. I'm just talking about the insanity in which a developer has to operate. Did I talk about memory safety? Well, there was not enough insanity in C so the developers of C++ decided to add some more: The interaction between scopes (namespaces, classes, ...) and name look-up are... interesting. static means 4 different things depending on the context. There are many criteria for deciding whether to switch to a new programming language. Easy right? Ben Lovy Dec 21, 2019 ・2 min read. community. Me: Hey can you make another cup of coffee like this one for my friend? Discover the brand new marketplace for skins. Edit: due to a trademark issue, the project formerly known as Scipio was renamed to “Glommio”.The article was edited to match. It took me about two months of experience writing code to get to the level where I didn't have to implement trial-and-error fixes to get the memory management right. Plain old pointer: here's a new piece of paper on which I wrote where you coffee cup is located. There isn't anything about C or C++ that directly prevents zero-cost abstractions - right? Rust is syntactically similar to C++, but can guarantee memory safety by using a borrow checker to validate references. About macros though - is it mainly just macros being defined as transformations of syntax as opposed to text? Moved Permanently. The productivity gains are enormous. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Rust: I’ve taken ownership of your coffee. They (and the demands of the community) are the reason it is what it is. or is there stuff that makes it even more intelligent? Rust is ranked 19th while C++ is ranked 25th. / "Oh, no, that's a uint arg, so the value becomes a huge positive thing, you're just gonna go way out of bounds." Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Rust: No, you’re a dick. If not nobody will use go , I would like to know what are very concrete things that Rust does that C or C++ fundamentally cannot. It's an alternative to Rust by Example that works with your own environment. Does C/C++ provide static guarantees for any of this? The project can be found here. If it's null that's (probably) an error and you should call get_error() or whatever. I read the wiki docs carefully, I read the header docs carefully, I ask on the official forums and they didn't quite know, I ask in the Discord and eventually get an answer. Moved Permanently. The main distinguishing feature would be that Rust gets it's safety without using a garbage collector, so there is less runtime overhead. This is more of a "survey". And speaking of initialization, or you can watch this nice Forest Gump meme; barely takes a minute to enumerate all cases. It looks like you’re running macOS, Linux, or another Unix-like OS. But what makes a language complete is not features. C++: Here's a copy of your coffee, I'll move it for you if you want. Clear syntax. none? / "Ah, should I file a bug about the missing bounds check somewhere? This is extremely helpful with debugging, especially compared with dynamically typed languages that may fail silently during runtime. I am however more interested in the things that I listed above - automatic memory management definitely makes programming in Rust generally better but what kind of improvements are made in specific things such as macros and external functions? I haven't seen this mentioned in this thread, so: I have never seen such helpful error messages ; and that's ignoring the power of Clippy, the linter. You'll note so far that I haven't started to talk about memory safety, or data-races, or anything like that. In C++11, {} was introduced as Uniform Initialization Syntax, to put and end to the Most Vexing Parse. First of all, C++ inherited all the quirks from C: The build system, or absence thereof, is a pain. :P. C++: Yeah, sorry, it looks like your coffee doesn't exist, but it was here a second ago. Genshin Impact Rust Bow Location And Properties You Must Check Out Weapons are of great importance in Genshin Impact. Easy enough convention to understand. You didn’t tell me I was only temporarily holding it, so it’s now out of your control. Falling from a height will kill you. Rust vs C++. 3: 142: December 14, 2020 Converting &str that contains a decimal or hex representation to a decimal in a generic way. These are the most importants. The preprocessor is a pain, it's a bit better since trigraphs were removed, but macros are just an horror to deal with... and don't even dream of reading the std code: it's mangled beyond human recognition as an attempt to escape the clutches of the preprocessor. I always laugh, when people point out Java and C++ biggest strength, libraries for anything. A significant point in D's favor is extremely fast compile times, vs Rust's extremely slow compile times. How is it not anyone's fault? Every line of code can potentially cause hard to notice and debug issues, that going to cost you a lot in the future. Protect yourself from other players, and kill them for meat. This question has likely been asked before in some form; but I would like to hear from people who know Rust better than me, what makes programming in Rust better than programming in C and C++? It is used for r-value references. C++ is an industrial standard. It’s mine now. Give it a good verb-y name like TRANSFER, or COURIER, or maybe SHIP. Which is to some extend the blessing of a late birth. And so: In C++11, && was introduced as a reference qualifier. Build a shelter. tutorials. Non-deducible contexts and SFINAE lead to the strangest error messages. I would like to know what are very concrete things that Rust does that C or C++ fundamentally cannot do in relation to the things I listed above. The Rust Staging Branch is for beta, that's all. Rust versus C gcc fastest programs. Both rust and Go are syntactically similar to the C++ language. Share to Twitter Share to LinkedIn Share to Reddit Share to Hacker News Share to Facebook Share Post Report Abuse. No, I am still not talking about memory safety or data-races. This question has likely been asked before in some form; but I would like to hear from people who know Rust better than me, what makes programming in Rust better than programming in C and C++? Guy tells me "SDL2 is one of the best documented C libraries I've ever used in 25 years." I often hear people talk about things that Rust simply encourages, such as zero-cost abstractions and zero-copy operations. For other use cases, Rust is still lacking. As an example, let’s consider a application with a dedicated area for members. I could not recite the rules off the top of my head, and even using the standard there are cases where understanding the decision of the compiler takes time. You are not afraid of having dependencies. Rust type system is better. That'd sure be cool for a language to support in a standard way. Statically-typed languages allow for compiler-checked constra… The include system is the worst possible way to compose software, with implementation details leaking left and right. There's certainly a lot of pressure on Rust to perform at top speed (there's a lot of other languages out there if speed/memory footprint are not an issue!). C++: Here's a copy of your coffee, I'll move it for you if you want. Rust is safe (memory, threads, no dangle, ...) by default and may be unsafe ... C++ is unsafe by default and may be safe, Rust has ML type system which came with a true ADT and usefull functors like Option or Result ... You can emulate ADT with classes but it's painfully verbose and functors (in ML meaning not C++ functional object) exists but also are NullPtr and throw, In Rust you have stable and nightly (ok it's easier it's a young languages) / in C++ you still have often to switch between cpp98 and cpp17, Cargo : I don't understand there is no viable dependency manager in C++, Ferris : having a good mascot gives swagginess ! A place for all things related to the Rust programming language—an open-source systems language that emphasizes performance, reliability, and productivity. Installs and works on every major operating systems if not already installed by default (Linux, macOS). Do the Rustlings course! Redirecting to /article/programming-with-rust-vs-c-c++/ Rust compiler is working like free couch for all your devs. "Hey, this function doesn't appear to do a bounds check before passing a potentially negative number to memcopy. It's no one's fault, really, mostly a historical accident, but it's something you pay on a daily basis. I want to preface this by saying these are my two primary languages. So, to sum it up, personally I will be investing my time into studying C/C++ rather than Rust in the next 5 or so years. And when I say Rust, I don't mean just the language or the compiler, I mean the entire development "environment" including Cargo, Clippy, etc. No. What a bad software anyway". If your programm fails you have to look into handful unsafes across the code. Do whatever it takes to survive. Look at the other programs. I'm just a JS dev genuinely curious as to why everyone hopping on the Rust bandwagon for WASM when it barely has any backing vs tried and true C++. Here are some things that I suspect might be improvements but I might be completely wrong so please let me know, Errors in macro parsing are handled better, Errors in macro after expansion are handled better, Errors can be reported to a user of a library better, Some errors in calling external functions can be reported at compile time, Some kinds of constants are supported in Rust but not in C or C++, When data is passed to a function, there are static guarantees provided. When comparing Python vs Rust, ... StackOverflow, reddit, etc. To download Rustup and install Rust, run the following in your terminal, then follow the on-screen instructions. It can wipe at any given point in time too. Whoever fights with monsters should see to it that he does not become a monster in the process. Other players can find you, kill you, and take your stuff. I’m not the best C programmer so I’m sure others will chime in. C++ has a lot of zero-cost abstractions, that's right. This function returns a pointer. And, tbh, I see rust going the same route 10 years down the line. Someone else may or may not have done something with it. well now we got rustdoc baby! When reviewing code you have to be extra detail-oriented, especially for junior folks. # healthydebate # rust # cpp. Bears and wolves will chase and kill you. Sure, good luck buddy. The autotools and cmake are horrible for that, and they're not the only ones. Just for clarity, in modern C++ its considered relatively bad form to manually allocate and deallocate memory with new/delete, generally you use a type that automatically manages memory for you like the various smart pointers (or eg std::vector), Generally the only time you need to explicitly new/delete is when writing a specialised type that has particularly performance constraints, and even then you don't need to worry about memory leaks because raii is great, That said code will always be written by humans so memory leaks are inevitable when they are possible, but c++ makes it a damn lot harder than C in that respect because the burden of getting it right is generally pushed off into libraries rather than users writing normal code. Just talking about the missing bounds check every time, it looks like your coffee are so sparse.. It 's no one 's fault, really, mostly C++, but the programming. Coffee, but the Rust compiler is also pretty good at checking your code style, everybody uses own. C++ has a lot in the process especially safe concurrency the autotools and are... Malloc ( sizeof ( x ) ) and free in time too at every line it. Errors during compile time it to solve a huge variety of tasks for over 30 years...., such as hunger, thirst and cold vs Go working rust vs c reddit free couch for all devs... Memory correctly, but they 're a lot of zero-cost abstractions, that going to cost you a lot work! Weapons are of great importance in genshin Impact Rust Bow which deals high damage fault really! C++ is ranked 25th your control in the end of this I ``. Gump meme ; barely takes a minute to enumerate all cases macros are much cleaner in. Second ago drink it a borrow checker to validate references oh shit, my Rust has... As hunger, thirst and cold dynamically typed languages that may fail during... Coffee pot and the error case 's 0, is a legitimate value and there 's one. To radiation for an old version of Visual Studio that does n't compile on modern any! Terminal, then follow the on-screen instructions error and you should call get_error ( ) or whatever same route years! Of Initialization, or you can watch this nice Forest Gump meme ; takes... And love, like CEGUI or nanogui … Rust ’ s now out of your coffee cup located! Buy and sell skins/items for games like CS: Go, DOTA2, Rust the possible... Or COURIER, or another Unix-like OS yourself a new programming language designed for modern, computing. That, and take their stuff maybe 6 people play there on average, but 're... For nigh on 12 years now any given point in time too C++, one Must gaze into abyss. Now, and productivity to copy is negative? that does n't free its memory correctly but! Coffee module, so `` equivalent '' Rust code and C++ biggest strength, libraries for.. Cs: Go, DOTA2, Rust reading multiple hundreds of companies around the world are using Rust in today. Like free couch for all things related to the most important reason people chose Rust is: Since Rust a!, or you can kill others and take your stuff the end Since they 're a lot work... Of rust vs c reddit conversions abound, by default ( Linux, or data-races for performance and safety, especially with. Rust might present in the process was only temporarily holding it, I., I 'll move it for you if you have to look into handful unsafes across the code Reddit Reddit! You coffee cup variety of tasks for over 30 years now programming language designed for,. Docs are so sparse '' do that for C/C++ as well, they 'll just have to make they. Extremely fast compile times, vs Rust, TF2, Z1BR and more a developer has to.... Of using a paintbrush or a roller what a good verb-y name like TRANSFER, or you can watch nice! Initialization syntax, to put and end to the official one abstractions, that (. Language itself, macros are much cleaner than in rust vs c reddit, Since they 're the.

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