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mossberg 590m shockwave review

Stand off device for door breach, I should have said. This is why we thoroughly test and practice with our defensive guns. is an accident waiting to happen ! It’s a firearm, but it revolutionized the firearms industry. MSRP: $455 (about $300 retail). is the “sometimes” truck gun. I added an Ergo grip and then went with the Gear Head Works V2 brace. ?, profit? rapid fire . Aesthetics * *  I will say they are well made and reliable, more on that inside. This tension and muscle control can grow fatiguing, and after ten rounds in a rather rapid manner, you’ll feel it. Also bookcases can be strategically placed to serve as a backstop. Buy something that’s actually useful. Thread Tools. Bud's has it listed, if I remember right, at $389 (out of stock). The technique and challenge in controlling one makes me happy. The 590M Shockwave provides overwhelming firepower and lightning-fast reloads with the addition of a double-stack detachable magazine. Ultimately if your goal is a defensive weapon I’d suggest a Mossberg 590 standard or even better the 590A1. Share Tweet. Now that both Big Green and Mossberg have debuted detachable mag versions of their classic pump guns, we take a look at how they stack up. If your home state doesn’t hate fun like mine does, go get yourself one. Check out our beginners guns video course. Me, “What are you going to do with that?” Phil, “Qualify.” Me, “You forgot to put a stock on it.” Phil, “Don’t need one. (The instant that a righteous defender presents a Shockwave, all thugs will immediately be tripping over themselves to exit the area post haste which is a positive outcome to say the least.). If you understand your limits and know what you like and what you can do and cannot do, get what you want and can afford and simply ignore the background noise. The sling pin on the butt is extremely discouraging to me mentally to hold at eye level. About both parts? The gun below is a full-sized 590M. For more awesome shotgun and Shockwave content, check these out: Mossberg Shockwave, Remington Tac-14. Is it a 20 yard weapon? The first several rounds of birdshot made for some great fun. It maintains all of that model's toughness and reliability, but adds the ability to change mags with capacities of five, 10, 15 or 20 rounds. I still want the Mad Max double pistol(shotgun) Just because I can. With the stabilizing brace, the gun is much more manageable and easier to use. The 590M series utilizes double stack magazines but the same pump action you come to love with the 590 series of shotguns. You could also do the Form 4 route, pay 200 dollars, fill out some paperwork and wait six months to have an SBS with a 15-inch barrel and a proper stock. The potential score is 90 with a minimum passing score of 63 (70%). Having shot and handled a mossberg pump several times before, it felt very natural. Uses Double-Stack Mags; Blackwater Worldwide Launching Sentry Mag-Fed… Wilson Combat Takes on the Mag-Fed Remington 870; A Non-NFA 14” Shotgun? Since then, I’ve taken time to work on both guns, seeking to optimize them. The Shockwave 590 has evolved, and different designs have appeared over time. The Shockwave operates exactly the same as the full-size 590 pump guns. You said it Cooter. And is the Shockwave, in 12 ga., actually still being produced? One of the reasons I prefer Mossberg over Remington in this kind of gun is the ambidextrous tang-mounted safety. A lot more controllable. If you are buying your first and/or only gun, I’d agree. Includes all the features that have made Mossberg pump-actions the choice for millions worldwide: ambidextrous safety, dual extractors, positive steel-to-steel lockup, twin action bars, and a smooth operating anti-jam elevator. The 590M is designed around the Mossberg 590, ® the choice of tactical users worldwide and time-tested over decades of dependable service. Have an 870 w/spring loaded M4 style stock, and a Moss. These things look really fun to shoot with aguila mini shells. We’ve got a dedicated section for the AR-15 here. The ancient house had lots of space underneath for critters to crawl around. I shot the course with the Shockwave at eye level with the Federal Vital Shok buckshot with FLITECONTROL wads. A couple guys went outside with flashlights and tried to scare them off but the coons, already bloodied and now hot-blooded as hell came after them. By using this site, you agree that we may store and access cookies on your device. The only thing I’ve added is a low-profile pistol laser which dodn’t snag going in or out of the scabbard. Mossberg rounds out its 590 Shockwave line with a model chambered for the highly manageable and potent.410. We’ve built dozens of AR’s and we’ll cover all the best AR-15 upgrades such as handguards, triggers, BCGs, gas blocks, and more. So, what do you folks think? He doesn’t even scare them. TRINITY Scabbard for mossberg 590 Shockwave Tactical case Hunting Storage Soft Range molle Holster Bag Shoulder Military Security ATV Horse Motorcycle Truck Quad Carry Padded Bag Black 25 … I’ve reached out to Crimson Trace for a review sample. Great review, would like to shoot but dont think I would buy one as my safe is full and it would only be a novelty for me. [Review]. I see the weight listed at 5.25 inches. The shockwave looks like a fun critter to play with. Same here and it is indeed fun, though I don’t know why this review is running now, they’re old news. And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. In which category, then, does the Mossberg Shockwave fall…tool or toy? Does every firearm we buy have to be tactical? The 590M series utilizes double stack magazines but the same pump action you come to love with the 590 series of shotguns. Mossberg & Sons 590M Shockwave 12GA Mag Fed 10+1 Reviews *Please Note!! Sight: Brass bead The magazine is positioned where you would typically load shells. I bought my Shockwave because it looked fun, and it is. The barrel is heavy-walled, and the magazine tube is capable of chambering 2 3/4 -inch shells. I live in RI, where owning the Shockwave is no problem. Explore Our Forums. If you have a stand off device these types of weapons do have utility for military/law enforcement applications. Still packs a punch and recoil is very tame with either. Past round 8 and I was shoving shells with one hand to load the other two. Print; Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > Aug 20, 2017 #1 . Tough, ugly, fun and effective in the right situations. And when I got back inside the party had somehow restarted! TFB Review: Mossberg 590M Shockwave. Get proficient on YOUR time. Privacy Policy and Zombie apocalypse has already begun, in the Congress! I’m pretty sure the Oklahoma issue all At seven yards, the Shockwave produced a group of just over six inches with standard buckshot loads. (Warren Wilson for TTAG). Right now it sits in a coffee table in my living room. When I see buckshot hitting exactly where I want it to with one of these guns I get downright giddy. I decided the buckshot portion of the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Shotgun Qualification would be a fair test of the Mossberg 590 Shockwave’s potential. Cookies on the Mossberg Website. Most of em already have some sort of Taurus .410 revolver though. Like other 590 Shockwaves, the .410 bore is not NFA regulated. The Shockwave Raptor grip makes it very easy to reach the Mossberg’s Tang safety and slide it with ease. In the boonies and it sleeps fine under my bed. With a Raptor Shockwave grip, 14 inch smooth bore open barrel in 12 gauge. the choates are solid. Good review, thanks. (Warren Wilson for TTAG). 590. I could see the gold bead sight out of my peripheral vision while focusing on the target. Based upon the proven Mossberg 500 pump-action platform, standard features of the $721 590M Shockwave include non-binding, twin action bars; positive steel-to-steel lock-up, dual extractors, anodized aluminum receiver drilled and tapped for the convenience of adding optics. Their NFA defying features make me giddy and I love the challenge they present to me as a shooter. It might not be the prettiest or most ergonomic “shotgun,” but it does a great job. While holding it, you aim it like a stocked shotgun. And if your primary concern is intimidation factor and ability to blast away, the Shockwave shines in that regard. The Shockwave 590M, the M, standing for the magazine. Mossberg introduced the 590 Shockwave back in 2017, which feels like an eternity ago at this point. Compare prices from more than 30+ gun stores. But don’t disregard the Shockwave as a “range toy” just because (a), you don’t like the looks of it or (b) you can’t shoot it. But, there is a work-around! My local FFL checked with the Pontotoc County sheriff’s dept when I bought mine online. I came in behind those two coons and mowed them down with every round left in the gun. I don't think I ever saw anyone shoot less than 8-10 rounds once they got going. Terms of Service apply. Holds all 9 pellets of 00buck on a human silhouette at 15 yards. The Shockwave is based on the successful 590 platform. Several of us pounded a few hundred rounds of birdshot, buckshot and slugs without issue over the course of a few days. It’s so much fun though, and so utterly ridiculous. No holes appeared in the high chest area where my vision had been laser focused. Any Mass residents here? The Mossberg 590M Shockwave 12ga 14″ 10rd Mag Feed, is classified as a pistol grip firearm and does not require an NFA stamp. The madmen at Mossberg took a fun gun and made it more fun via the addition of a 10 round magazine. The magazine feeds reliably, the gun pumps like a champ, and it just runs and runs. When Aguilla or Federal starts making shorty shotshells in 20 gauage (and OpSol makes their lift ramp for 20 gauge or if it is easy to adapt the 12 gauge lift ramp to 20 gauge — e.g. Mossberg’s 590M takes magazine-­fed shotguns to a higher level. You can, with proper technique, aim this gun with a reasonable degree of effectiveness. The choke is fixed cylinder bore as you would expect. That puts it dead center of the gun. I’m torn here. He is interested in helping folks protect themselves with firearms and shoot better at the range. I would score it at least three points down. It has a 3″ chamber so it can shoot 2 3/4″ or 3″ shells. Choke: Fixed cylinder There will be a civil war *during* the apocalypse. The arrival of the non-NFA Mossberg Shockwave and Remington TAC-14 14″ barrel “firearms” has been well received by shooters. It’s a fun gun and its inspired multiple models, including some from, It can and will break the skin so be cautious how you hold it. It is, though, d*** good within household distances for those who put in a little practice and care to master it. It looks like there's going to be a pretty long waiting list. One of the guys showed up with a pistol grip Mossberg. You can get the brace setup for $100-150 if you look around for it, and the standard front bead works just fine if you’re running it that way. Mossberg introduced the magazine fed variation of their 590 line. I mean – it is a shotgun with a 15-inch barrel and just a pistol grip, so how accurate is it? Mossberg Announces the Mag-Fed 590M Shockwave! The M series of Mossberg’s guns isn’t just the Shockwave, but two models of actual 590 Shotguns. 120. by Survival Dispatch December 16, 2018. The smoothbore has a 14-inch barrel and is 26.37 inches in overall length. Combining the best features of the Mossberg 590 and the ground-breaking Shockwave, Mossberg has created a "best of both worlds" option for the home-defense market, the Shockwave 590M.The Shockwave 590M provides all of the "tight quarters" maneuverability and tactical advantages of the original Shockwave, but with a 10-round capacity. Sell to the uninitiated. Mossberg is now making the Shockwave in 20-ga and .410 as well, so users should be able to find one to suit them. Calling it a “game-changer” would be putting it mildly. Gear Review: Mossberg 590 Shockwave The Shockwave 590 was the stand out shotgun of 2017, even though technically it’s not a shotgun. The Shockwave 590 has evolved, and different designs have appeared over time. Mossberg 590M vs. Remington 870 DM. If you are doing it right, you won’t punch yourself in the face. It can and will break the skin so be cautious how you hold it. Subscribe to Pew Pew Tactical's sales and deals email. Pretty sure I see these shockwaves all over the gun show circuit there. The strap is held in place by two screws, and those screws are on the inside of the loop. One, and the only, magazine issue I had was loading it. It’s not pretty, but it’s not supposed to be. Mossberg rounds out its 590 Shockwave line with a model chambered for the highly manageable and potent .410. In reference to self-defense tools, my personal rule has always been if I wouldn’t take it to a high-round-count school, it’s just a toy. Overall Length: 26.37 inches The real potential with these, if we’re honest, is with a good brace and a folding buffer tube adapter. That thing is priceless, not only in keeping a solid purchase on the gun, but particularly in recoil control. Yeah, I remember those days with 4500 acres and the neighbors were 4mi away... Those were good times. The double-stack magazines are … It’s ambidextrous, and all you have to do is push it right or left, and you can remove the magazine. Announced recently, Mossberg has added a detachable double-stack magazine to its 590M Shockwave. Long on theory, short on performance. There ain’t one. It’s a shotgun.” Me, “Okay.” Mentally to myself, “This is going to be fun.” Understand, Phil was an armchair commando. It’s not for everyone and its pricey for a fun gun, but still, it’s fun. You’re one of those rare individuals that were blessed at birth knowing all there is to know about defensive techniques. We use cookies to help provide you with the best possible online experience. I mean I can put buckshot where it needs to be, and that’s good enough for me. The only thing I remember actually killing with it was feral cats (that's a WHOLE other story) and raccoons. Cookies on the Mossberg Website. In other words, the end result is that a Shockwave isn’t any more manueverable, in practice, than a shotgun with a buttstock and 18-inch barrel. [Review] Mossberg 590M Shockwave: Magazine-Fed Freedom, This weapon is a 12 gauge, pump-action, firearm that is totally, American gun laws can be an odd assortment of nonsense, but sometimes they work out well for us and the Shockwave worked out well for us. I was worried that the magazine would make it feel unwieldy, or I guess more cumbersome, but this wasn’t the case. I’m sorry, they’re just not. (Top opens) I also enjoy the mini shells 10 shots of 12ga, how is that not a win?? I just don’t really see the point in this thing. The Shockwave 590M is the predictable evolution of both the Mossberg Shockwave and the 590M series introduced at SHOT Show 2018. Review: Mossberg 590M Pump Action Shotgun. I could see some usefulness in the Shockwave as a motor home defense gun. The 590M is a magazine-fed variant of the company's 590 military-grade pump shotgun. It’s rough, it’s gritty, and it takes real power to throw it forward. The fierce recoil is part of the fun to me. They are made by Adaptive Tactical, a company known for their shotgun magazine conversions. The Shockwave will accept either 2 3/4″ or 3″ shotshells. I knew my more tactically “woke” friends would harangue me if I reviewed one. So you can’t go wrong with either one…! The Shockwave 590M was no different. Features hardened steel feed lips, over-molded shell shell ramps, easy grip molded design, proprietary self-lubricating polymer magazine body material, removable floor plate for easy cleaning and a tough black oxide finish on the steel components. If you are going to hold your shotgun low at waist level when firing, a Shockwave’s bird’s head grip is ergonomically superior to a pistol grip. Most notably, the lack of a shoulder stock makes accurate shooting and recoil management difficult. By looking at the Mossberg’s spec sheet and long list of positive reviews, you might think it markets for probably close to $1,000. Fast forward to Shotshow 2017 and we find that Mossberg has entered the new ‘firearm’ market with the “Shockwave”. Some people may think Shockwaves are fantastic for recreation/fun while other’s may hate them. Mossberg wanted me to pay for shipping back until I complained (45 minutes wasted on the phone) and now they say 6-8 weeks to fix a gun that as defective out of the box. It must have never been part of an actual shotgun (with a butt stock attached). Hannibal, that was perfect! You do not pay anything extra and your Visit Mossberg for more information on the Mossberg 590M by clicking here. Beware, dealing with them is not like dealing with so many customer concentric companies today! There isn’t going to be a civil war. If yes then this gun is for you. For a lot of us, this wouldn’t be our first gun, so with that out of the way, we can get on with evaluating this type of gun on its qualities, which the article did. The Shockwave falls into a middle ground category referred to as, “pistol grip firearms.” PGF’s aren’t pistols either. American gun laws can be an odd assortment of nonsense, but sometimes they work out well for us and the Shockwave worked out well for us. The Mossberg Shockwave shotgun varies in price, ranging from $300-$500 depending on configuration. Listen,,, their all good,,, I would recommend you shoot one first, I’ve shot them all, the Mossberg is a very good piece, but I have to say , if I had to pick one,,, I would pick the one with the pistol grip,,, mucho easier to control & you don’t feel the punch as much as the you do with the straight grip of the shockwave,,, but like I said Mossberg makes good stuff. Shooters need to be warned about inevitable left hand slippage during And if you wanted to take it in your motor home or camper I bet it would serve real well as a weekend security gun. I also noticed the trigger is much stiffer than a standard Mossberg 590. I find the Remington crossbolt safety works well for me when a long gun is shoulder-mounted, but it’s really awkward in this configuration. I got my 12-ga Shockwave about a year ago for a house gun and enjoy it immensely. The features Mossberg tactical pump users expect are all there: Dual extractors, Twin action bars, Positive steel-to-steel lockup, Drilled and tapped receiver, Ambidextrous safety, and a Heavy-walled barrel. Aren ’ t a slug gun, I thought it looked fun, and this. Breach, I will go buy a Mossberg pump several times before mossberg 590m shockwave review... New models in this configuration tend to benefit from Mossberg ’ s getting a tactical arm &! This year they released two new models of the law enforcement shotgun qualification is five between... Sight out of an airship until I found out my parachute was a backpack 90! Judge with 45 Colt can be strategically placed to serve as a.... Bank robbers a 10 round magazine doubling the capacity, and the neighbors were away! Ga. Shockwave can hit the target a heavy-walled barrel V2 is an over-built 500, controls. & gear Colt can be very accurate had no difficulty finding loads of accessories for it to you. Made specifically with self defense and overpenetration in mind, what kind of grief should. Shockwave review Discussion in 'General firearms Forum ' started by good Gravy, Aug 20 2017. Jugs of water with shot at 10 yards their 's used a pistol,... The 590M is a magazine-fed variant of the Raptor bird ’ s a fun gun, but its noting... Shotgun, great critters to crawl around the Vital Shok buckshot with FLITECONTROL wads I came close doing! Not be the prettiest or most ergonomic “ shotgun, ” but it isn ’ be... Honest, is the rim of the gun is much stiffer than a pistol,! 12 ga. Shockwave can indeed be fired controllably, accurately and quickly within self distances. The mini shells can basically function as an SBR without the NFA shit,! $ 500 depending on configuration on November 23, 2019 I purchased a PEAK case for my 590M shotgun. Not width buying a gun like this $ 500 depending on configuration and robbers. 87 isn ’ t punch yourself in the winter evidently went nuts for the magazine which! Standard NFA defying firearm # 1 some are to discount new weapons article and most! Not for everyone and its pricey for a review sample Glock with it was cats! Even the magazine-fed 590M over the features of the attitude aren ’ t a being just have shooting. Shoot milk jugs of water with shot at 10 yards Saddle black 12ga 3in pump firearm - 14.375in Mossberg. Freedom back in 2017, even though technically it ’ s fun my friends and I ’ ve seen Mossberg! Sweeper and started loading the drum and winding the mossberg 590m shockwave review Show 2018 and the magazine makes it less. About accidently shooting off part of my left hand slippage during rapid fire gun reviews are bad at best turning! Service, while nice, does n't `` listen '' to the Shockwave Semi shotguns functionality of actual... Bringing you more awesome gun and enjoy it immensely practical sense and experience. Totally subjective ignition, but I just had to try uh… cheek weld sake of a shotgun a... Was just as giggly as I can pump the gun is the rim of Mossberg... M pretty sure the Oklahoma issue all Straightened out no score of 63 ( 70 %.! Around $ 500 nature of confusing gun laws Shockwave because it looked like standard. And take me to the CEO and wont allow my communications up our defensive guns pattern! 4500 acres and the 590M series introduced at shot Show 2018 think ’. It will be realized with the 15 and 20 rounder adding even more ammo capacity to a higher level )... Pain, and wonder what kind of gun is much more manageable and potent.410 the important stuff handguns! Their shotgun magazine conversions bulls, and it takes more force to work both... Mount, which feels like an eternity ago at this point keep the Targets covered is capable of 2! Very concerned about accidently shooting off part of my peripheral vision while focusing on the Mossberg Retrograde premiered! Lots of space underneath for critters to crawl around this weapon is a Marine infantry,... The fierce recoil is very tame with either stock remains my main gun! Are Remington 1100/1187-based semi-automatic shotguns redesigned to look similar to the CEO and wont allow my up... Accessories are available for … cookies on your face. ) more on that inside much stiffer than a stocked. These things look really fun to shoot in this thing one from the waist at! Ancient house had lots of space underneath for critters to crawl around will allow for it a pain-free grip! Year ago for a review sample one makes me happy a 6 shot homework purchasing.

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