Week 1 – Thursday

Between Either and Or,  examples from Thursday’s class


Shirin Neshat – Turbulent

The either / or of gender roles and cultural stereotypes.


Nina Katchadourian – Accent Elimination

The either / or of nationalities.


Amalia Ulman – Excellences and Perfections

The either / or of social categorization and internet tropes.


Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen – 75 Watt

The either / or of creative project categorization.


The Semiotic Square (AKA a Two by Two)

The semiotic square is a conceptual tool to help define the space between either and or.

Due Thursday 9/14 – Bring in a Semiotic Square on a piece of paper. 

  • Sketch or draw it in any medium (illustrator, photoshop, pencil) and plot 3-5 data points on it.
  • If you made it on a computer, print it out. 
  • The two axis of your two-by-two can be related to your exhibition project idea but don’t have to be.
  • In class we plotted animals as furry/hairless + big/small and we plotted human acts as socially acceptable/socially unacceptable + legal/illegal.


Helpful Links:

Either / Or Assignment Slides – Due Thursday 9/14

Class Survey – Due Thursday 9/14

Shared Thursday Class Notes





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