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Follow Up about the Second Assignment

Below you’ll find links to download some of the in class exercises we did last week.
bonus_exercise file, contains some sample scripts to work with an array in connection with .tsv database. The image sketch show how to define the pixels of an image file as an array. Please try to write a sketch by yourself, which will report the RGB values of pixels of an image on a txt file. Mark Hansen already did and got a 10 pts. extra for this next assignment.


SEISMI file is your assignment due next week. March 5th for Monday, March 8th for Thursday class.

We will be using SEISMI API for this project:
SEISMI is an earthquake data visualization project which is using publicly available data provided by USGS and transforming it to a more informative, human readable and visually interesting form.

Project Website:
API Documentation:
SEISMI API provides earthquake data in JSON format:

What is JSON?

Online JSON viewer

In the .zip file that you download, you’ll find the precoded framework and necessary fonts and libraries. Please start dealing with the code, it may seem a little bit scary for now but the tough job is already done in that code, please try to enjoy and experiment, this week in class we will practice some more together. Don’t forget, the data feed is online and realtime so you should be connected to Internet while you are working.


In the MISC folder, you’ll find some miscellaneous example sketches we did in class, they are quite simple and to the point, might help you to figure out the use of some functions.