PaganStudio Teaching

Due Week 08 Tuesday

Just to remind what is due tomorrow,
after completing the proposal presentations from last week, we will focus on the structures. We will streamline and try to find and eliminate the loopholes and dead ends. We will select the keyframes looking at the flowchart and decide on the kleyframes together.

So, please come to class with a 11 x 17 in. printed detailed flowchart explaining the structure of the front-end experience of the web site. Very much like a storyboard of a film, explaining what happens when. Here is a guideline and you may follow the links below for some templates and examples:

here are some tools if you want to paly around with various software to draw these diagrams, or of crse yo can simply draw with yor own illustrator:

Also, please bring if you have any qustions regarding yor portfolio website. DNS, hosting, CMS etc. I’ll be glad to help.