PaganStudio Teaching

Due Week 02 Tuesday

Please prepare a presentation about 5-10 min.s 6-7 slides explaining:

  • Strategy

User Needs / Product Objectives

Brand Identity which is more than visual, vision and the mission of the whole thing.Thinking about a persona or a group of people who will be using this artifact. You do not really have to call this target audience.

  • Scope
Functional Specifications / Content Requirements
What will be in the package, also a heads up for the production such as photography, video, drawing or animation.
  • Structure
Information Architecture / Interaction Design
For these flowcharts, consider using, omnigraffle, Post-its or go to
Structures can be:
    • Hierarchical
    • Matrix
    • Organic
    • Sequential
Following file might be useful to recall some of the subjects that we covered over the lecture.