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Time to get your board and stuff for the final assignment

During the fifth and final unit of the course we’ll work on physical interfaces and digitally controlled or programmed products. For the mock up and other fun experimentations you’ll need to have your own board. The prototyping board is a must have unless you don’t want to build your own. The type of board that we need is Arduino UNO. Apart form the board we will need breadboards, jumper wires, LED’s, sensors and various other junk depending on your ideas. Some of these junk is available in our studio but you will need to have your own supplementary materials. I suggest that you buy a kit which inludes: the board, USB cable, jumper wires, resistors, LED’s, switches and couple of sensors.

For ordering online you can follow one of the many options on the official Arduino buying list. Among them my favorite is Spark Fun. Also adafruit is a good option. Here are some suggested kits:

One another option is to check some Radiohack stores. I know a few of them carries it.

Or, you can always ask to friends who took Design 3A in last fall semester.