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D3A FALL 2012

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1. Laying out the text (Chapter 1 of the book) on an infinite canvas, attention to baseline rhythm and screen ergonomy, legibility and deciding on possible user controls to give to reader regarding typography. Font selection, size, color etc.

2. Designing icons and other UI components such as buttons, links, skins etc. These can be 64 x 64 px. or 128 x 128 px. and should be drawn raster.

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Please prepare a presentation about 5-10 min.s 6-7 slides explaining:

  • Strategy

User Needs / Product Objectives

Brand Identity which is more than visual, vision and the mission of the whole thing.Thinking about a persona or a group of people who will be using this artifact. You do not really have to call this target audience.

  • Scope
Functional Specifications / Content Requirements
What will be in the package, also a heads up for the production such as photography, video, drawing or animation.
  • Structure
Information Architecture / Interaction Design
For these flowcharts, consider using, omnigraffle, Post-its or go to
Structures can be:
    • Hierarchical
    • Matrix
    • Organic
    • Sequential
Following file might be useful to recall some of the subjects that we covered over the lecture.
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Here are some concepts we discussed in the first lecture.

  • Navigation
  • Feedback
  • Tactile properties
  • Organization
  • Aging
  • Legibility
  • Weigh and size
  • Accessibility
  • Ownership
  • Nature
  • Annotation
  • Availability
  • Visibility
  • Interaction
  • Smell
  • Vernacular value
  • Durability
  • Cost and price
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  • Please choose and get the book that you want to work on. Read it, like it and bring to classroom.
  • Readings of the first project and write an annotation paper of 500 words.
  • Please start a blog if you don’t have one and post the paper and let me know.
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